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PlaymoTV Review

Price: $4.17/mo with 1 year Subscription

Lowest price DSN unblock service! Get US Netflix anywhere in the world. Unblock Hulu, Crackle, Spotify, Pandora and more through your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet or internet enabled device.


PlaymoTV Review

PlaymoTV ReviewStream online music, movies and TV from the U.S. for as low as $4.17 per month starting with a 7 day FREE trial!

Take control of your internet. Get Netflix, Hulu, Hulu Plus, Crackle, Amazon Instant Video, Spotify, Pandora, Facebook, Twitter, CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS in countries outside the US.  Read more in the PlaymoTV review below.

Works with all PC, Mac, Linux, smartphones, iPhone, iPad, tablets, Xbox 360, Sony PS3, Apple TV, some Android devices, and most routers.  Support for Roku and Boxee are coming soon.  Other devices may work well such as Google TV, WD TV Live devices and Blu-ray players.  Try PlaymoTV FREE for 7 days and set up your primary router with PlaymoTV DNS to test all your devices!


  • Lowest price of all the DNS unblock services (with 1 year subscription)
  • Stream at speeds far superior to VPN!
  • Access local Netflix and U.S. Netflix at the same time.  Netflix USA currently has the largest selection of content just waiting for you.
  • No software to install.
  • Setup takes only a couple of minutes
  • Enjoy stellar support from PlaymoTV


[note color=”#fffcd1″]RECOMMENDATION: Get the best of unblocked US movies, music and TV with a ROKU 3.  Pair it with the PlaymoTV service and watch everything on your TV![/note]

Try FREE for 7 Days

PlaymoTV brings incredibly popular, content rich video and audio streaming from the United States to countries worldwide.  Within minutes you can easily configure individual devices and even your primary internet router to connect all your devices at once.  Their prices are the lowest available with the 12 month plan and tech support is hard to beat.

Hungry for more movies?  PlaymoTV has you well covered with access to the huge Netflix US collection, HuluHulu Plus, Crackle, Amazon Instant Video (Video On Demand), iTunes, NBC, ABC, CBS, Lifetime, Comedy Central, A&E, and PBS.  Need to jam out to some music?  Tune in to Pandora or Spotify.

The folks at PlaymoTV are hard at work getting more channels ready for prime time including: USA, Fox, The CW, MTV, BBC, Channel 4, Vudu, WB, Sky, TBS, and Bravo.  Expats from the UK will appreciate continued online access to their Sky streaming subscription when they travel outside the viewing area.  The developers of the service have also informed us that BBC and iTV along with Sky are high on their priority list for channel support.

As an added bonus, the PlaymoTV website is an absolute joy to use.  It is simple to use and easy on the eyes.  Linking devices is a bit of a frustration.  A nice workaround is to simply set up your primary router with the DNS and all devices will connect through PlaymoTV.

PlaymoTV is the LOW PRICE LEADER for DNS unblocking services with purchase of an annual subscription.  Pricing at PlaymoTV is uniquely flexible for all budgets.  Start with a free 7 day trial.  Then, because we know you’ll love the service, choose an option from month-to-month at $4.99, 3-month at $13.99, 6-month at $25.99, and a 1 year prepaid subscription at $49.99.  The latter vaults PlaymoTV to the low price leader at $4.17/month!

Go PlaymoTV

Device setup is a simple DNS update. PlaymoTV provides all the necessary step-by-step instructions for many devices including PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, AppleTV, Xbox 360, PS3, and supported routers.  Instructions for Boxee and Roku are coming soon according to their website.  Our advice is to setup your primary router that all your devices connect to because it is one configuration to run them all!

This is one area where PlaymoTV really shines brightly!  Customer support and feedback is available in a broad range of methods from simple on-site feedback forms, Facebook page, and for serious up-to-the-minute service status, look directly to their constantly updated Twitter feed.

The folks at PlaymoTV have worked diligently to bring a level of quality, stability and support for the devices and sites they offer.  Quality seems to be their #1 priority as evidenced by their fanatical reliance on customer feedback.  If there is an issue, rest assured they are all over it like butter on popcorn.

PlaymoTV is definitely the lowest cost service among its peers in the DNS unblocking arena.  Add to that, they offer fanatical support to their customers in order to bring the best service experience possible.   They don’t yet boast as many channels as some competitors, but that is likely soon to change.    The developers tell us that, along with numerous upcoming new channels, they are also hard at work developing apps to augment the existing service and infrastructure improvements to ensure the highest quality connections as the customer base quickly grows.

This is one service that is money well spent.  Give it a try for free for the next 7 days.  What have you got to lose?  We bet that once you try it, you’ll see just how awesome the service is and will never look back!

Payments accepted: Paypal, Visa, Master Card, AMEX and Discover.

Get Started With 1 Week FREE Trial, no credit card required

For only $4.99 a month

Unblock Netflix, Hulu, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, Crackle, BBC, Spotify, Pandora, Sky, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, PBS, MSN, Vudu, MTV, VEVO,

Try FREE for 7 Days

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