OverPlay SmartDNS Review


OverPlay VPN Review – SmartDNS

Price: Starting at $4.95/mo

DNS Unblocking at a low price on its own or conveniently bundled in on all their VPN service options.


OverPlay VPN Review

OverPlay‘s SmartDNS brings you access to OverPlay’s SmartDNS service (without VPN access).  Read the OverPlay VPN review below for more information.

This service enables you to access a range of supported sites without having to connect to a VPN server. Great for use with devices such as AppleTV or Roku, which don’t support traditional VPN connections.

OverPlay VPN Review

This product is included FREE in the Global VPN service.



  • $4.95 per mo
  • $13.95 per 3 mo
  • $26.95 per 6 mo
  • $49.95 per 12 mo BEST VALUE ($4.17/mo)



OverPlay SmartDNS provides high speed access (typically as fast as your ISP allows) to websites that are restricted from your location, without the need for a VPN tunnel!  This basically means that VPN often slows data transfer due to its inherent nature and routing, whereas DNS routing is far, far less restrictive.  Twitter and Facebook from China, Netflix or iPlayer from your office – anywhere your internet access is filtered, SmartDNS can help!
Setup is incredibly simple. Just enable the SmartDNS service on the OverPlay website, then change the DNS server setting on your router, computer and/or any internet enabled device.  A reboot is usually not necessary.  That’s it!  Enjoy the freedom of liberated websites once blocked!
Optionally, SmartDNS is available for free with paid VPN accounts.  This is a major strength that is unrivaled to our knowledge.  If a customer opts for the $9.95/mo VPN service, SmartDNS is included free.  In other words, a customer can have the best of two worlds.  1. When privacy and security of VPN when desired, the customer switches it on.  2. When fast access of restricted websites is desired, the customer turns off VPN and DNS redirection takes over automatically since the DNS will already be enabled per instruction from service start.
There are a few omissions from Overplay’s website that brings their ratings down a notch compared to other DNS unblockers.  First, there is very limited information online on how to set up all devices.  Though DNS changes are easy for many novices, it is not always apparent to everyone, so a step-by-step guide is necessary.  There is absolutely no mention whatsoever of DNS settings for standard routers, most of which allow DNS inputs.  It is a glaring omission from a company who’s competition occupies a very, very short list indeed.
Next, the published list of supported unblocked sites is excruciatingly short.  Nine, yes, only 9 supported sites are given with an almost invisible unlinked suggestion that there are more sites available.  However, these sites are not listed.  Among the strangest omissions is Hulu – HuluPlus.  Not listing the available services puts the customer at a disadvantage and possibly opt for a competitor who does display their working list.
Lastly, there does not appear to be any type of published trial period.  All other services encountered offer 7 days trial for DNS unblocking and OverPlay SmartDNS falls short again in this area.

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