DNS Unblock Setup on Japan WiMAX devices

Japan WiMax Setup Instructions

This setup is for URoad Home and URoad-9000 WiMax devices and can probably be similarly applied to other Japanese WiMax devices to use Unblock Us Japan.

1. Sign up for a FREE 1 week trial with one of the following DNS unblock services:
Playmo TV
Overplay SmartDNS

2. When connected to the internet through your WiMax device, type (or click HERE192.168.100.254 in your web browser address bar.
Username: admin
Password: admin

Unblock Us Japan WiMax Setup

URoad-9000 Main Page

3. Click on which means “INTERNET SETTINGS”

4. Click on to get to the DNS Settings page.

5. This should be approximately what you see:

DNS Settings Page

DNS Settings Page

6. Enter the proper DNS numbers provided to you from your DNS unblock service and ensure the highlighted areas are selected as in the image above.  Click the button at the bottom to apply the settings.  Unit will reboot.  You are now using Unblocked DNS, Japan WiMax style!

When your device is setup for UnBlock Us, Blockless, Playmo TV, or Overplay SmartDNS, Japan content is not added.  Currently the bulk of the programming that Unblock Us provides is muti-region Netflix, Hulu, HuluPlus, Crackle, BBC iPlayer, Pandora, Spotify, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and a number of other US and UK channels.  This is perfect for military, military families and expatriates living, traveling and operating within Japan.  You can alternatively set up UnBlock Us on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, netbook, PC, Mac or any other internet enabled device.  The WiMax router setup is convenient especially if most or all of your devices connect through it.

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